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Can you check the following questions for me,please?
Thanks you a lot!

2) Where did Mary Stuart spend her childhood?
2) Who did she get married to?
3)What sort of disease is smallpox? When did it spread in England?
4) What disease did Elizabeth develop/contract?
5) Why did many noblemen want her to marry?
6)With whom did Elizabeth spend most of her time?
7) What was her attitude towards the European princes? (She encouraged the hopes of European princes, with whom it was important to keep on good terms)
7 B) With whom was it important according to her (??) to keep on good terms?
8)Why didn't she get married? Can you say: "What reasons did she put forward for not getting married???)
What did she say to Parliament when they asked her to marry? (that she had already married to a husband, which/who was the kingdom of England)
9)Who did Mary marry? What was her relationship with her husband with?
10) What was she accused of? (of killing her husband)
11) What did Elizabeth decide to do when Mary escaped to England?
12) I'd rather go to the cinema than stay at home
BUT 13) I'd prefer to go to the cinema rather than (???) to stay at home
14) I'd prefer you to write your homework in your exercise book (or I'd rather you did your homework in your exercise book)
15) What food do you like best OR the most?
14) Do you say "two kiwi fruits?"

  • English - ,

    2 -- Whom did she marry?

    4 -- contract

    7B -- delete or rephrase:
    With whom did she think it was important...

    8 -- Yes, you can say that, but it's wordy. Your first sentence is better.

    9 -- Whom did Mary marry? What was her relationship with her husband like?

    Keep 12; ditch 13.

    14 -- I'd prefer that you write ...

    15 -- either "best" or "most" will work fine.

    16 (not a second 14, I take it) -- No. You'd say, "two kiwifruit..." (The word "fruit" has no separate plural; there are many other English words like this: elk, deer, fish ... )

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