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Posted by Bouforyou on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 1:14am.

Given C2H60;
Some properties of the two compounds are listed below;
Compound X: Melting Point
Compound Y: -114C | -118C
X: Boiling Point
y: 78C | -22C
X: Net Dipole?
Y: Yes | Yes.
X: Functional group
Y: Alcohol | Ether.

i. Draw plausible Lewis structure of compounds X and Y.
ii. In Which compound are intramolecular forces stronger? Justify your answer.
iii. Is either compound capable of hydrogen bonding? If so, draw a schematic representation of a typical hydrogen bond in this substance.
iv. Which compound is likely to be more soluble in water? Justify your answer.

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