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Posted by Franco on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 2:07pm.

I really need your help to rephrase the poem "Preludes" by T.S.Eliot.
I don't need an intepretation of the poem, though.

I)The winter evening settles down
With smell of steaks in passageways.
Six o'clock.
The burnt-out ends of smoky days.
And now a gusty shower wraps
The grimy scraps
Of withered leaves about your feet
And newspapers from vacant lots;
The showers beat
On broken blinds and chimneypots,
And at the corner of the street
A lonely cab-horse steams and stamps.
And then the lighting of the lamps.
The poet is describing what he sees as the winter evening settles down. He lets the reader smell what he smells, like the odour of the steaks in hallways. It is dinner time now. He carefully describes the end of the day as burnt-out ends of smoky days, likening the end of a day to a butt of cigarette. It is rainy. The ground is muddy, the leaves about your (?) feet are withered and the rain keeps beating on broken blinds and chimney-pots.There is a lonely cab-horse that steams (symonym) and stamps (synonym) at the corner of the street. The street are lit (?)

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