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A flowerpot falls off a windowsill and falls past the window below. It takes the pot 0.42 s to pass this window, which is 1.90 m high. How far is the top of the window below the windowsill from which the flower pot fell?

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    Write equations for the time to reach the top and bottom of the window. There will be two unknowns: (1) unknown distance to from window top to windowsill above (h) and (2) time to reach the top of the window (t).

    Solve the two equations in two unknowns.

    (1/2) g t^2 = h
    (1/2) g (t + 0.42)^2 = h + 1.9

    h is easily eliminated by subtracting the first equation from the second.
    g = 9.8 m/s^2

    Solve for t fist and then use either of the two equations to compute h.

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    1.04 m

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