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I have to do a project on 4 types of writing. Fictional narrative, Personal narrative, Informational writing and Persuasive writing.

The project consists of giving characteristics of each, as well as 2 prompts (examples) for each.

This is what I have so far. Please tell me if it is correct.


GOAL: Tells a story or part of a story.


* Main characters, minor characters,
& character development
* Dialogue- Reveals character;
advances plot
* Setting - time, place, mood, &
* Plot with a central conflict
* Point of View - Fist person, third
* Beginnings, Transitions, and

PROMPTS: I need help with 2 examples for Fictional Narrative Writing.


GOAL: the writer relates an event, incident or experience in his or her own life.


* Focuses on one experience
* Shows the purpose clearly
* The events are most often in the
order in which they actually
* Expresses the writer's thoughts
and feelings
* Written in first person "I"
* Has many relevant sensory details
* Must have why it is important
and/or how it affected the writer

PROMPTS: (Are these good examples of Personal Narrative Writing?)

1. My trip to Disney World.
2 Learning how to swim.


Goal: To inform, explain, clarify, define or instruct.


* Focuses on main topic
* Details, explanations, and
* Clarity
* Organized
* Logical order

PROMPTS: I need help with 2 examples for this one


GOAL: To persuade or convince someone to do something that you want them to do.


* Stresses benefits
* Proves its case
* Closes with a call to action

PROMPTS: Are these good examples of Persuasive writing?

1. Reasons why you should not smoke.
2. Should Public School students be
required to wear uniforms?

I know that this alot of information; but I would appreciate any help that you provide

Thank you for your time.


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    Your details for each type of writing are fine. The only thing I would add is to "address the opposing view(s)" in persuasive writing.

    Prompt suggestions:

    Fictional narrative -- 1) Three siblings think it'll be great fun to play in the deep snow outside, but they find that it's more work than fun; 2) two friends travel by train between Los Angeles and San Francisco (their views of the Pacific Ocean, the people they met, their first experience in a dining car, etc.).

    Informational -- 1) explain why it's not a good idea to post too much personal information about oneself electronically [in Facebook or MySpace, in IMs, in text messages, etc.]; 2) instruct how to make a PB&J sandwich.

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    I appreciate your suggestions comments. Thanks so much.

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