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Homework Help: Please Check Other Half (Public Speaking)

Posted by Bryan on Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 10:47pm.

6. (TCO9) If you wanted to show the way a university budget was distributed, which type of visual aid would work best? B
a pie graph
a chart
a line graph
a drawing

7. (TCO9) How does a speaker benefit from using a visual aid? C

Visual aids distract attention from the speaker.
Visual aids are required in any speech class.
We remember more when we see and hear.
Using visual aids fools others in to thinking you know your subject.

8. (TCO9) Talking about common experiences will: D
cause the audience to disrespect the speaker
make the speech boring
cause the audience to interrupt the speech
allow the audience to identify with the speaker

9. (TCO9) A speaker using the strategy of demonstrating personal impact in a speech on the drought on the West Coast might: C
show how it affects every listener's time
show how it affects every listener today
show how it affects every listener's financial situation
show how it affects every listener physically

10. (TCO9) To create effective visual aids, you should be sure that: C

you use only high-end, expensive materials
you only include information that you will emphasize in your speech
you only use fancy, scripted typefaces
you always use pictures or clip art

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