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Please Check (Public Speaking)

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1. (TCO4) Cultural identity: A
comes from our ethnicity and race
becomes more important to people as they get older
is determined by the importance that we assign to membership in cultural groups
doesn't matter if you are a member of the dominant culture

2. (TCO4) If someone prefers concrete and specific language and predictability, they are likely to be from a: C
low uncertainty-avoidance culture
high uncertainty-avoidance culture
culture that values power distance
culture characterized by uncertainty reduction

3. (TCO4) If Yolanda was upset that she was unable to get a hamburger and fries when she arrived in Guatemala for her study abroad program, her attitude would be demonstrating: A
assuming similarity

4. (TCO4) Which of the following is not a way to interact with more cultural sensitivity? B
tolerate ambiguity
be open-minded
act altruistically
be egocentric

5. (TCO9) The reason for giving an example, defining and, perhaps using comparison to explain a single concept is that: C
it will show your skill with a variety of methods
these three methods are the only ones that have been proven to work
individuals have different learning styles
psychologists report that people remember the third example the longest

  • Please Check (Public Speaking) - ,

    2. It doesn't seem as though C is the right answer.

    4. is wrong. Be sure you understand the meanings of these terms.

    The other three are correct.

  • Please Check (Public Speaking) - ,

    Is number 2 answer A? and number 4 answer D?

  • Please Check (Public Speaking) - ,

    For number 2, I believe that B is the best answer.

    You're right now about 4.

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