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chemical equations

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5C(s) + 2SO2(g) > CS2(l) + 4CO(g)

How many moles of carbon monoxide form at the same time that 0.246 mol CS2 forms?

  • chemical equations -

    1) Balance the equation.
    It is balanced already.

    2) From the balanced equation, determine the mole ratios for the compounds of interest.
    1 mole CS2 = 4 moles CO

    3) Determine how many moles you have of one of the two compounds of interest.
    0.246 mol CS2

    4) Multiple the moles of the one compound by the mole ration to find the equivalent (stoichiometrically) number of moles of the second.
    0.246 mol CS2 (4 moles CO / 1 mole CS2) = ?

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