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Posted by Susanne on Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 12:17pm.

Sorry about the multiple question posts I’m just trying to prepare for an upcoming test and I figured the best way to do so is to practice.

In each sentence below, find a participle or participial phrase that modifies the word in parenthesis.

1. Increased demand for food is the result of the growth in the world’s population. (demand)

2. The popular comedian bowed to the laughing audience. (audience)

3. The doctor examining me ordered a blood test. (doctor)
Answer=examining me

4. Soothed by the music, Kevin fell asleep in his chair. (Kevin)
Answer= Soothed by the music

5. In the film about endangered species, I saw a bald eagle. (species)
Answer= endangered

Find the participle or participial phrase and the word they modify in the following sentences.

1. Taken for granted by most of us, paper is an essential part of our lives.
PP= Taken for granted by most of us, WM= Paper

2. The paper used today has developed over many centuries.
P= used, WM=Paper

3. Ancient Egyptians wrote on a sheet formed from stalks of a reed.
PP= formed from stalks of a reed, WM=Paper

4. The reed, called papyrus, grew along the Nile River.
P=grew along the Nile River, WM=Papyrus

5. Cut down, the reed stalks were sliced into thin strips.
PP= sliced into thin strips, WM=Reed Stalks

I was so confused by this lesson. I had no clue how to do this!!

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