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Identify the prepositional phrases in the following sentences.

4. Clusters of stars form constellations.
PP= of stars

5. Seven very bright stars surrounded by dust form the Seven Sisters.
PP= form the Seven Sisters, PP= Seven very bright

Identify the prepositional phrases in the following sentences and the word they modify.

2. The soprano sang one of my favorite songs.
PP= of my favorite songs, WM= soprano

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    #2 - It's not your favorite soprano. It's your favorite song.

    #5 - "form" is a verb. I think you're confusing it with "from." Which word is the preposition?

    #4 is right.

    Unfortunately, I am no longer allowed to post internet addresses. (Darn server error...can someone look into that?)

    I'd give you more resources, but google "what is a preposition?" And also look at dictionary ..... well...can't finish the web address. You can look up individual words to see if they are prepositions.

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    #5....form is a verb not a preposition.
    seven is an adjective not a preposition.

    #4 is correct

    #2 the soprano is NOT one of my favorite songs. The prep. ph. is correct, but what is it talkiing about?

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