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Posted by Franco on Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 5:21am.

Thank you very much for your correction.
I just want to make sure of the following expressions.
1)We really had fun and not We had really fun.(the adverb goes between the subject and the verb)
It was a really boring day OR It was really a boring day?
2) I went to a party with some friends of mine
3) This year my Christmas holidays really flew by.(is the present perfect not possible because they are over now?)
4) In the afternoons I went shopping with my mum (the plural means that you did it every afternoon?)
5) After midnight I went bobsledding until the next (the following) morning
6) I returned home from the mountains on New Year's Eve.
7) I listened to music on my earphones on my walkman (can I use "on" twice in the same sentence?)
8) Our teachers always set us a lot of homework
9) I rested because long and tiring school days were approaching (can you tell me a synonym for approach?)

Thank you

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