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A hydrogen atom consists of a positively charged proton (nucleus) and a negatively charged electron. The following is correct due to Coulomb's law:
a.The two particles repel each other
b.The electron accelerates toward the proton
c.The electron and proton are in mechanical equilibrium, thus no net force acts between them
d.The electron moves with constant velocity
e.None of these statements is correct

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    b. is correct, both in the classical model, and also in quantum mechanical model, an attractve force towrds the nucleus ios assumed.

    Regarding (d): Coulomb's law says nothing about velocity. In the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom, some orbits have constant velocity, and some don't, but his model is obsolete. Forgetaboutit

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    don't the attractive forces of the protons on the electron, and the electron on the proton cancel out? and hence be c?

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