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Homework Help: Visual Basic

Posted by David on Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 4:52pm.

I am working on a project called VB Auto Sales I am working in CH 2. I have just about completed the assignment but I am unable to group two separate sections.


Modify the project from the Chapter 1 VB Auto Center
case study, replacing the buttons with images in picture
boxes. (See “Copy and Move Projects” in Appendix
C for help in making a copy of the Chapter 1
project to use for this project.) Above each picture
box, place a label that indicates which department or
command the graphic represents. A click on a picture
box will produce the appropriate information in the
special notices label.
Add an image in a picture box that clears the special
notices label. Include a ToolTip for each picture
box to help the user understand the purpose of the
Add radio buttons that will allow the user to view
the special notices label in different colors.
Include a check box labeled Hours. When the
check box is selected, a new label will display the
message “Open 24 Hours—7 days a week”.

Further info of my problem

I cannot get the colors and services to respond together. Thanks in advance for any help.

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