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A pencil, eraser, and notebook cost $1 in total. A notebook costs more than 2 pencils, 3 pencils cost more than 4 erasers, and 3 erasers cost more than a notebook. How much does each item cost?

  • math -

    Pencil costs $0.26.
    Eraser costs $0.19.
    Notebook costs $0.55.

    Solution of Diophantic equation
    p + e + n = 100
    with constraints
    n > 2 p
    3 p > 4 e
    3 e > n

  • math -

    Sophia spent $7.30 for school supplies. She spent $3.00 for a notebook and $1.75 for a pen. She also bought 3 large erasers. If each eraser had the same cost, how much did she spend for each eraser?

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