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The base of a triangle is 5cm greater than the height. The area is 18cm^2. Find the height and the base.
The height is triangle is?cm
The base of the triangle is?cm

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    1) Let h represent the height. Then what is the length of the base, in terms of h?

    2) For a triangle:
    area = (1/2) * base * h
    a = (1/2)bh

    3) You are given the area, 18. So plug it in.
    18 = (1/2)bh

    4) Finally, in step (2) you found the length of the base, b, in terms of h. Plug that in for b. You now have only 1 variable, h, remaining in the equation, so you can solve to find the value of h.

    5) Once you have h, you know the relationship between it and b, as determined in step (1). So it's just a matter of substitution to solve for b.

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