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Physics (Please help!!!)

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1) An ideal gas occupies a volume of 0.60 m^3 at 5atm and 400K. What volume does it occupy at 4.0atm and a temp of 200K?

I know how to find the volume with the m^3 and the atm but it threw me off since it gives the 4.0 atm and the temp 200K.

  • Physics (Please help!!!) -

    The quantity P V/T remains constant when the number of moles remains the same.

    P1 V1/T1 = P2 V2/T2
    "V2" is the final volume.

    V2 = V1*(P1/P2)*(T2/T1)

    = 0.60 m^3 * (5/4)*(200/400)
    = ___ m^3

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