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Homework Help: descriptive paragraph

Posted by deborah on Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 10:19am.

Am i on the right direction?

Descriptive paragraph Deborah Paul

A loyal Friend

My loyal friend Mary Ellen is 48 years old with shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes. Mary Ellen is very short standing at 5'0 in height and a stocking build. She has some very good qualities like working full time as an RPN in a nursing home taking care of elderly people. Mary Ellen thinks very positive at what she does and works extremely hard. At work they call her Mel for short. Mel likes darts, football, and spending time with her daughter Skye.This lovely lady spends all her extra time doing homework with her daughter that she says is her miracle child. During the summer she loves to sit out in the sun to soak up some of it's hot rays and lather her body with lots of tanning oil hoping to get really dark. During this time, Mary Ellen and I catch up on those lonely days we don't spend our quality time with each other. I look up to her as a big sister, but a true loyal friend and hope to expand my education to be just like her one day.

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