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Please help me Sketch a separation scheme showing how you would separate the following two component mixture: m-nitroaniline and hexanol. All the substances are soluble in ether. You can use any of the following solutions in your separation: aqueous hydrochloric acid, aqueous sodium bicarbonate, and aqueous sodium hydroxide. Thanks

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    1. dissolve mixture in ether
    2. transfer to separating funnel
    3. shake mixture with aqueous HCl
    4. separate and save aqueous
    5. repeat 3-4 twice more
    6. wash organic phase with bicarbonate solution
    7. separate, discard aqueous and transfer organic phase to a flask [this now contains the hexanol as a solution in ether]
    8. pour acid solution from steps 3-5 into a separating funnel.
    9. add aqueous NaOH until alkaline (use pH paper)
    10. extract with ether and save organic phase
    11. repeat 10. twice. [the extract has a solution of the analine in ether]
    12. evaporate the ether from the two solutions to recover the two substances.

    There is no mention of a drying agent. In both cases you would use a drying agent to remove water traces before evaporating the ether.

    I can't draw the scheme on here but these are the major steps.

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