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I tried doing this problem, but I still don't understand it at all...

Pilot Reem Ahmad's flight plan has her leaving Dulles International Airport and flying a Boeing 727 due east at 450 mph. There is a 65 mph wind with the bearing 60 degrees.

a. Determine the compass heading that Reem should follow.

b. Determine the airplane's ground speed. (Assume the speed with no wind is 450 mph)

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    The E,W component from the wind. Iassume the wind is going toward 060, so the E component of that is 65Cos60
    So now, you have plane east velocity + wind east velocity= 450
    plane east velocity= 450-65Cos60
    calculate that.

    The NS component of wind is 65Sin60, and the plane has to eliminate that.

    solve for Heading

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