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Posted by Mike on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 4:25pm.

I am having the worst time with this. Even after reading the material several times I a very lost. Any help would be great.
The Department of Education has awarded your agency with grant funding of $1.6 million to provide training programs to high school dropouts. The funded programs are a basic work skills training program and a vocational program. You are preparing a budget matrix to present to the awarding agency. The matrix budget consists of line-item, functional, and program budgets.

Operating Expenses: Per Year


Office supplies


Transportation and travel

Outside consultants

Overhead costs

Personnel expenses: Annual Salary Number of FTEs
Executive director
Training supervisor
$50,000 10
Administrative coordinator
$45,000 1
Administrative staff
$25,000 3
Employee-related benefit expenses @ 25%

All costs excluding the salary of the executive director and training supervisor will be allocated according to this formula:

60% to basic skills program
40% to vocational program

Number of eligible students: 1,000

Use the information above to create each of the following:

1. A line-item budget table showing all associated costs implementing the training programs.
2. A combined functional and program budget to calculate all costs per enrolled student.

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