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a) What is a major structural advantage that eukaryotic cells have over prokaryotic cells? Why is this so important?

My answer:

The organelles in eukaryotic cells allow them to perform more complex functions than prokaryotic cells, which don't have these little organs. One of the organelles in eukaryotic cells is the nucleus, which contains DNA. Another are ribosomes, which are the protein factories. The organelles also contain the endoplasmic reticulum which is a structure that modifies proteins produced in the ribosomes. Then is the golgi apparatus which makes further changes to the proteins. A complex system of internal membranes connects some organelles with the cytoplasm. These membranes provide channels that guide the distribution of substances within the cell. The membranes also form envelopes called vesicles that move proteins and other molecules from one organelle to another.

Is this OK?


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    well, ok. You and I have differing definitions of "structural". Use your texts definition.

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    FYI: Prokaryotes also have ribosomes.

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