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12th grade

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I have to write a evaluation on president Obamas speech on 1/27/10. THis speech is for Public speaking class.
THis is what i have done.

I will critically evaluate every aspect of the speech that the President made especially his Delivery, Audience, Movements, Eye Contact, Posture, Diction, Tone, and Message.

From the beginning President Barack Obama had a stray face which clearly projected how series and important this speech was. The president speech was organized and message was clear even though the audience was impatient and continously interrupted.
Through out the speech Presedent maintained what appears like eye contact because some say that he was reading a tellor promter. However wether this was the case or not he mainted eye contact.

Message: The message was Coherent and clear mainly because it painted a clear picture as to where and how he wants to lead us. This speech had many proposals for job creation and federal deficit reduction.

  • 12th grade -

    First sentence: "Obama's" should have an apostrophe. "Speaking" should be capitalized (class title).

    Second paragraph:
    "Delivery, Audience, Movements, Eye Contact, Posture, Diction, Tone, and Message." The words should not be capitalized. They are general descriptive (common) nouns.

    I do not know what you mean by a "stray face".
    Next sentence: president's, not president.
    The speech was interrupted often, not the audience.

    Next sentence: "Throughout" is one word. "Appears" should not be present tense. "Teleprompter" is misspelled.

    Next sentence: "Wether" is misspelled.
    "mainted" is not a word.

    Last paragraph:
    "Coherent" should not be capitalized.

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