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#63. Describe the geography of southern South America and how this geography influences economic activity?

my answer:

The three nations of southern South America--Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina--are very different from the rest of the continent. The region of southern South America consists of varying landforms, climates, and vegetations. Also, rivers bind together the regions of southern South America. There are four rivers in the Rio de la Plata estuary system that form national boundaries: the uruguay, the Pilcomayo, the Paraguay, and the Parana. this huge river system provides an inexpensive and efficient way for people to ship goods. The highest peaks of the Andes are in western Argentina. This is where the four highest mountains are located. The Gran Chaco is a hot, interior low land region of savanna and dense shrubs. Temperatures here are mild and change little during the year. Rainfall, however, is seasonal. In summer, the rain turns the area into mud; In winter, the soil is dry and windblown. The pampas of Argentina and Uruguay are one of Southe America's best-known features. These are temperate grasslands which stretch for hundreds of miles and were formerly home to hundreds of cowboys who herded cattle there. Today, the pampas are Argentina's breadbasket and produce about 80 percent of the nation's grain and about 70 percent of its meat. They have warm summers and cold winters with occasional violent winter thunderstorms known as pamperos. Finally, south of the pampas lie the windswept plateau of Patagonia. This is a desolate, dry, and cold plain which is well suited for raising sheep. It also has rich deposits of oil and bauxite.

how's this? i'm not sure if it answers the last part of the question, but it's all i could find.

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