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English 12 - Euphemism

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Hello! It didn't help to say that I am an exchange student and it is hard to do for me. No excuse! You have to do it though.
Can anybody help me to find euphemism for these phrases?

1. lying on a resume
2. cheating on a test
3. committing adultery
4. cheating the IRS
5. death penalty
6. failing to graduate from High School
7. flunking out of college
8. divorce
9. shoplifting
10. murder of one's sprouse or partner

Thank you, guys! I would really appreciate it because I have absolutely no idea!

Exchange Student

  • English 12 - Euphemism -

    This is a rather interesting collection of quotations from some people (some well known, others not):

    I found this by using Google and entering euphemism for lying. Change the search terms a bit for different possibilities.

    Sometimes a good thesaurus will work, too:

  • English 12 - Euphemism -

    1. Stretching the truth
    2. Borrowing answers
    4. Keeping what belongs to me
    5. Capital punishment
    6. Dropping out of high school
    7. Pursued my own interests
    8. Split up
    10. mariticide, viricide, uxoricide

  • English 12 - Euphemism -

    3. having a fling, or in the UK having a bit of slap and tickle

  • English 12 - Euphemism -

    1. Pad a resume
    9. Five-finger discount

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