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Agnessa receives an annual salary of $47,962.20 based on a 39-hour workweek.

a) What is Agnessa's hourly rate of pay in a year with 26 biweekly paydays?

Answer is $23.65

b) Using your hourly rate computed in part a), what would Agnessa's gross earnings be for a pay period working an extra 10 hours overtime paid 1.50 times the regular rate of pay? (should be rounded to the nearest cent.)

I have figured out how to do A) but i cant seem to figure out how to do B)? very confused plz help...

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    i got it!!! but im not sure if its right. plz correct if wrong!!!thnx.

    a) 47,962.20/26=1844.70/2(39)=$23.65/hrs

    b) 23.65*39+1.5*23.65*10=$1,277.10

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    a) Correct!

    b) You need to remember that the "pay period" is two weeks rather than just one.

    However, it is unclear whether the 10 hours overtime is per pay period or per week. Do you have that clarified?

    I hope this helps.

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