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Thank you very much for the help with the run-on sentences!
Can you check these three last paragraphs on accidents, please?

1)Once the dog escaped because there was a storm and it was afraid of lightning. It jumped over the fence and it went into my neighbour’s garden. There, it jumped into the swimming pool, then, wet, it went into the bedroom and it jumped onto the bed. When it stood up from bed, it jumped onto the desk and it knocked over the computer. Then, it jumped out of the window.
2)One day when my mum was away, a kangaroo jumped over the fence and entered the garden. Then it jumped into the swimming pool and ruined it as well. He tore (?pulled up) the grass and the flowers from the garden. When she arrived, she tried to catch the animal but she couldn’t, so she decided to call the zoo which solved the problem.

3) Though the car was starting to burn, he managed to take the body of the unconscious driver out of the car. As soon as they got out, the car exploded.

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    1. Same types of commas are missing. Run-on is present.

    2. Should be "He tore up the grass..." Also there's at least one comma missing.

    3. Perfect!

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