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14. Surface area is an important factor in limiting growth cell because
a. the cell may become too large to remove enough wastes.
b. materials can't enter the cell if it's too large
c. the cell can burst if the membrane becomes too large
d. waste products can't leave the cell if it's too small
I'm stuck between A and D

2. In a cell undergoing meiosis, which sequence of events is shown in correct order?
a. the cytoplasm divides, chromosomes line up at the equator, nuclear envelope forms.
b. chromosomes become visible, chromosomes line up at the equator, chromosomes gather at the poles of the cell
c. homologous chromosomes moves to equator, chromatids move to opposite poles of the cell, spindle forms around chromosomes.
d. both B and C

3. Which of the following explains Gregor Mendel's contribution to the study of genetics?
a. He determined 4 hypothesis that form the basis of the theory of heredity
b. he confirmed the current theory that offspring were blend of the traits of their parents.
c. he was able to determine that patterns of heredity could not be predicted
d. he invented the Punnet square to predict the pattern of heredity


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    1 A 3 A 2. My brain is suffering from allergies, check your text.

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    Thanks! (:


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