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Three forces are applied to an object. Force 1 has a magnitude of 22.0 newtons (22.0 N) and is directed 30.0° to the left of the +y axis. Force 2 has a magnitude of 15.0 N and points along the +x axis. What must be the magnitude and direction (specified by the angle è in the drawing) of the third force 3 such that the vector sum of the three forces is 0 N?
i can't show you the picture for this problem, but is there anyway you can tell my how to attempt to start this problem?

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    x components of forces:
    -22 cos 60 + 15 + Fx = 0 = -11+15+Fx
    Fx = -4 to get zero

    y components of forces:
    22 cos 30 +0 + Fy = 0 =19+Fy
    Fy = -19

    so F is in quadrant 3 and tangent of angle below -y axis is 19/4

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    below -x axis I mean

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