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Grade 4 Math

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Mele is feeding some of the many exotic fish that live in the coral reefs off the island of Tonga. This is the largest of a chain of islands in the south Pacific. Mele has brought a cooked banana from home to give to the fish. As the fish nibble on the banana, Mele counts 24 fish, some with 5 large green spots and some with 6 blue spots. Altogether she counts 139 spots on the fish that eat her banana. How many of the fish had five spots?

  • Grade 4 Math -

    Need help please for my question starting with Mele....
    Thanks in advance.

  • Grade 4 Math -

    Let x = 5 spot fish and Y = 6 spot fish.

    x + y = 24


    x = 24 - y


    5x + 6y = 139

    Substitute 24 - y for x in the second equation and solve for y. Put value for y in the first equation and solve for x. Check by putting both values into the second equation.

    I hope this helps.

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    X=5 y=19

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