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Every item in the Just a Dollar store is priced at $1.00. When Mary Jo opens the store, there is $128.50 in the cash register. When she counts the money in the cash register at the end of the day, the total is $1023.10. If the sales tax rate is 6.5%, how many items were sold that day?

Can someone please help me with this problem. I never know how to set these problems up.

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    n items
    each costs 1+.065 = 1.065
    1.065 n = 1023.10 - 128.50

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    1023.10 - 128.50 = 894.6

    894.6 / 1.065 = 840

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    Thank You both!!
    I have another question that is similar to this one..
    An accountant earns $3180 per month after receiving a 8.5% raise. What was the accountant's monthly income before the raise? Round your answer to the nearest cent.
    What i thought you did was 3180*8.5%=270.3
    3180-270.30=2909.70, but it says its not correct. Any ideas on how to do this?

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