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can cost alone be a mitigating factor if a health issue is serious enough? Is it possible for this to be the major factor for a person to make or not make a decision to improve their health? It seems to me that any decision impacting your health would be monumental, and require deep personal reflection. So how much would cost come in to the picture?

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    Would a man sell his own soul for a new arm? What will he sell his soul for? This is an age old are really asking what is the value of better health? How can one attain the resources to meet the cost of that value?

    Intense Cancer treatment is exactly a case in point. Who pays? As long as the focus is on the "insurance" industry paying, folks could care less. But if they have to pay, it is another much more personal issue.
    Your views will reflect your personal biases, and they are as good as mine, or better.

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