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1.Vapor pressure is the pressure exerted by a vapor when condensation

A. <
B. =
C. >
evaporation over its liquid in a closed system.

2.Evaporation is an

A. endothermic
B. exothermic

process, because when a substance evaporates it must

A. absorb
B. release
energy to(from) its surroundings.

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    Here is the answer to #1.

    For #2, can't you reason through this? What must you do to a pot of water to make it evaporate. Do you heat it or cool it? Does that mean it is endothermic or exothermic? Endothermic means it is absorbing heat. Exothermic means it is releasing heat.

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    from UCI!!!!!

    1 is equal bc of equilibrium

    2 is endothermic bc of absorbing heat

    3 is absorb....bc it is endothermic


    all finish!

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