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physics - drwls, Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 2:50am
Compute the angle of the strings from vertical. It is sin^-1 (8.5/40)
Call this angle A

If the string tension is T

T sin A = F (the Coulomb force)
T cos A = M g

tan A = F/Mg

You need to say what the units of the mass are. All you said was 0.09
The mass is 0.09 gm.
What does sin^-1 (8.5/40)mean. Is this sin to the negative 1 times 8.5 divided 40.
And to find T is this Mg/cosA to find T?

  • Physics -

    sin^-1 means the angle whose sine is ...
    in this case the angle whose sine is 8.5/40

    Some write this function as Arcsin ( )

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