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Homework Help: Science

Posted by Liz on Monday, January 25, 2010 at 6:29pm.

I need to check my answers!!

Which of these is not in the family
a. sound
b. light
c. infrared radiation (answer)
d. radio waves

When an electric charge is shaken to and fro in quick succession, the vibrating charge emits
a. infrasonic sound
b. Ultrasonic sound
c. an electromagnetic wave (answer)
d. gamma radiation

If you dip your finger repeatedly onto the surface of still water, you produce waves. The more frequently you dip your finger, the
a. lower the wave frequency and the longer the wavelength
b. higher the wave frequency and the shorter the wavelength (answer)
c. both of the above
d. neither

Low-pitched sounds have
a. low frequencies
b. long periods
c. both (answer)
d. none

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