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I am writing a five paragraph essay for my freshmen comp. class on the difference between High school and college. I don't know where to start, so far i have this as an introductory sentence. Can you please tell me what i should change, and help me on to format my first paragraph so that it makes since.

Yes, High school and College are both learning environments for students to learn, but are substantially different from each other.

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    I would trash that trite sentence first of all.

    Did you make a list of the things you want to write on?
    Did you organize that list into categories?

    Have you made some organization of that list into a draft outline?

    Have you formulated any thesis? The thesis is what guides your writing (like a recipe for a cake, one doesn't add anchovies or jalapenios to cake).

    Do those, and we can help you . But the thinking of what you want to say comes from within you.

    That is one of the difference between college and High SChool.

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    The first thing to do is to make an outline of what you want to say about these differences.

    Then write a thesis statement.

    Next write three paragraphs incorporating your outline and supporting your thesis.

    Write the first (Introductory) and last (conclusion) paragraphs last.

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    Ms. Sue is right. DO NOT try to write an introduction to a paper you haven't written yet. That makes no sense! The process Ms. Sue gave you needs to be followed.

    Here's one website that discusses the differences between high school and college writing, which can be PART of what you include in your paper.

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    I need a thesis of statement about a family tradition

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