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Need help with these two: PLEASE help me; this is like the 4th time I'm posting this.

26. Why do plant cells contain both choroplasts and mitochondria?
a. in the light, plants are photosynthetic autotrophs. In the dark, they are heterotrophs.
b. if plants can't produce enough ATP to make sugars during photosynthesis, they can produce it during cellular respiration
c. Sugars are produced in chloroplasts during photosynthesis. These sugars can be stored in the plan for later use during cellular respiration
d. The leaves, and sometimes, the stems of plants contain chloroplasts while the roots of plants contain mitochondria.

27. Which of the following is true for both aerobic and anaerobic respiration?
a. ATP is produced during glycolysis
b. Pyruvate is broken down to ethanol or lactate
c. the electron transport chain pumps hydrogen ions across a membrane
d. An organic hydrogen acceptor recycles NAD+


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    Unfortunately, none of the regular tutors here is a biologist.

    I suggest you Google these questions.

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    Can't bobpursley answer it?


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    A. Ridiculous, look up those definitions
    B. Ridiculous. What happens in cellular respiration.
    D. Nonsense, an answer for the boys to pick.

    You really ought to know the vocab words in those answers.

    27.(Broken Link Removed)
    b. Not in oxygen conditions
    c. Isn't Oxygen the receptor in this ETC?
    d. Reread the flow if NAD+ in the ETC

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