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now am stuck on how to find the grams of X+Y=1.10
X for glucose and Y for sucrose

i had 3.78=M0.08206*298
0.1546*0.025=0.003865 moles. now am stuck. help please

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    First mistake.
    3.78 = M*0.08205*298
    Solve for M.
    Then M = moles/L
    L = 0.025, not 24.45.
    Then you solve two simultaneous equations which I set up earlier. It becomes a math problem then, and not a chemistry problem. I assume you know how to solve two equations simultaneously.
    (X/180) + (Y/342) = moles
    X + Y = 1.10 grams.
    Solve equation 2 for, say, X.
    X = 1.10 - Y
    Now substitute X (which is now 1.10-Y) into equation 1 and solve. The X will disappear, Y will be what you solve for, then substitute Y back into equation 2. You now have X and Y; ;i.e., grams glucose and grams sucrose. Then you can do percent from this.

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