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Posted by Franco on Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 1:28pm.

Can you check these sentences for me and help me find suitable synonyms?

1) Julius Caesar has just come back from a victorious (or triumphant) battle against his rival Pompey
2) Where has J. just come back from?
3) Some of his followers plot (synonym) against him and try to draw (synonym) Brutus into the conspiracy
3) Brutus meditates over the state of things. He is doubtful whether or not to take part into or to join (?) the conspirancy. He eventually decides to kill him for the good of Rome.
4)Brutus is attached (is linked to also correct?) to a disappearing world but he is also attracted by new ideas.
5)His tragic flaw is his permanent sense of nobility (how can I make it simpler?)
6) His words sound ineffectual because he doesn't take the crowd's attitude into account (into consideration is correct?)
7)On the other hand, Antony succeeds in turning the crowd against Brutus (in stirring them into conspiracy against Brutus) Can you tell me a synonym for turn and stir???
8) He succeeds in moving the crowd by his words (why is "by" and not "through"?)
9) Historical plays were popular at Shakespeare's times because people were eager to know about worlds different from their owns (is owns correct??
10) They were not prejudiced against strong rulers (is prejudiced correct?)
11) Elizabeth I ruled with an iron hand for forty-five years and England enjoyed a period of relative peace and prosperity
10)How can I rephrase the following two sentences?
11) Opposition to the King threw the world into disorder
12) If someone broke God's laws many would suffer but in the end the guillty party would be punished and order would be restored

Thank you in advance

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