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Early Childhood Growth and Development

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What a child repeats a behavior or action simply to observe that action, you would not infer that

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    Silly question, there are about 10,000 answers to this.

    Ever watch an infant learn to talk? They learn by making sounds, and then learning to repeat them by listening and controlling their larynx and mouth, then finally, by observing others reactions when they make those sounds, and gradually, sounds become ideas and have meaning.
    So I have no idea what your question expected as a response.

  • Early Childhood Growth and Development -

    the answer choices are :
    A.the child finds the behavior self-reinforcing.
    B.the stimulation of the action is satisfying.
    C.the stimulation provided by the action is associated with a basic drive
    D.the child is caught up in a simple reflex.

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