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A car travels due east with a speed of 35.0 km/h. Raindrops are falling at a constant speed vertically with respect to the Earth. The traces of the rain on the side windows of the car make an angle of 40.0° with the vertical. Find the velocity of the rain with respect to the following reference frames.

a) car
b) earth

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    a) They have told you that the rain is falling vertically. Call its vertical velocity Vy. In the reference frame of the car, the rain also has a horizontal component of Vx = 35 km/h and a vertical component Vy. Because of the 40 degree tracks of the drops,
    Vx/Vy = tan 40 = 0.839
    Vy = 1.19*Vx = 41.7 km/h
    Magnitude of velocity = sqrt (Vx^2 + Vy^2) = 54.5 km/h

    b) In the earth references frame, the only velocity componenet is the vertical one, Vx, which is the same as in part (a)

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