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Homework Help: Essay (conclusion)

Posted by John on Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 8:17pm.

4 Keys to Success

The first key to success is having a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude can get you far in life. Self esteem and confidence is the first part to being positive. Being comfortable with who you are and having confidence in your abilities. Donít try to copy others and become what you are not. You will not accomplish anything in life by walking in other peoples shoes. Positive people see the world as a whole and are more often come upon opportunities. Negativity can blind you from seeing. Persistence is a key aspect to becoming successful in life. If you give up after happening upon an obstacle you wonít achieve anything. But if you persist, you overcome many obstacles and achieve a lot. Positive people have fun. *

Personal leadership is critical to life. Independence is something you must develop if you wish to be successful in life. Take charge of your own life. You wonít get far in life if you listen to ďmommyĒ all the time. Your parents canít tell you what to do forever. You need to learn to solve your own problems and make your own decisions. People respect independence. And independent people get more opportunities because they are decision makers.*

Getting involved. Be active in your life; take risks. You wonít achieve success if you sit on your couch and watch TV all day. Get involved, take part in activities, join a group a club, whatever. Through involvement you learn new skills that may help you on your road to success. Also you meet more people and in turn those people may know other people and so on and so on. Through these connections you can expect to have more opportunities. Opportunities earn you experience, so the more opportunities you have, the more experience you will gain. And experience is valuable to success.

Something important to remember is balance. It means balance your life between work, leisure, learning and relationships. Overwork and overplay can be harmful to your personal health. Sometimes you just have to slow down and relax and spend time with family and friends. Sometimes new ideas are formed when we donít think about them. On the contrary focusing too intently on something prevents us from seeing. Energy is vital to success. Some people burn out or run out because of overplay or overwork. A balanced lifestyle can keep us productive and energetic throughout life.

This is my essay about the 4 keys to success. I'm stumped on the conclusion. How would I write the conclusion. Please help.


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