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Posted by Sam on Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 3:12pm.

Vibration and Wave Fundamentals

1. A machine gun fires 10 rounds per second. The speed of the bullets is 300 m/s.
(A.) What is the distance in the air between the flying bullets? ____
(B.)What happens to the distance between the bullets if the rate of fire is increased? ______

2. Consider a wave generator that produces 10 pulses per second. The speed of the waves is 300 cm/s.
(A.) What is the wavelength of the waves? ______
(B.) What happens to the wavelength if the frequency of pulses is increased? ______

3. (A.) A bird is watching waves. If the portion of a wave between 2 crests passes the pole each second, what is the speed of the wave? (1 m between crests)____
(B.) What is its period? ____

4. (A.) If the distance between crests in the above question were 1.5 meters apart, and 2 crests pass the pole each second, what would be the speed of the wave?_________
(B.) What would be its period? ______

Thanks so much for the help!!

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