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Chemistry problem: given: serving size 0.5 oz, 4g fat/ serving, 140 mg sodium/serving. a) box has net weight of 8oz how many crackers per box? i got 96. b) if you ate 10 crackers how many ounces of fat are you consuming? i got 0.23 ounces. c) how many grams of sodium are used to prepare 50 boxes of crackers. I got 112g. the answers are in the back, and the first 2 i got right, however they have 110g for part c. I don't understand how.

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    I read your problem last evening. Nowhere in the problem do you state the mass of a cracker or the number of crackers in a serving. If your answer of 96 crackers is correct, I calculate 6 crackers to make a serving and I obtained 112 grams of sodium to make 50 boxes also. You need to make your posts easier to read by capitalizing i and beginning all sentences with a capital letter. Texting type is ok for text messages but here, where you are asking for help, you need to be clear with your writing and questions.

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