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Posted by mysterychicken on Friday, January 22, 2010 at 5:36pm.

1. Homeostasis relates most directly to which of the following ideas?
a. interacting systems
b. stability
c. evolution
d. scale and structure
I'm stuck between A and B

2. The physician Ronald Ross wanted to find the cause of malaria. Based on his observations, Dr.Ross suggested that Anopheles mosquito might spread malaria from person to person. This suggestion was a
a. dependent variable
b. hypothesis
c. theory
d. data analysis

4. Which of the following statements about enzymes is true?
a. Enzymes are able to heat up molecules so they can react.
b. Enzymes always provide carbon dioxide for chemical reactions.
c. Enzymes are biological catalysts which act on a substrate
d. Enzymes absorb excess heat so that reactions occur at low temperatures
Not sure...


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