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Can someone please check if my answers are correct?

17. Functions of the nucleus include
a. directing the function of the cell
b. the partial assembly of ribosomes
c. storing most of the hereditary information of the cell
d. all of the above

18. Internal membrances play important roles in protien production and processing except they do NOT
a. anchor ribosomes in place
b. transport substances to different areas
c. contain the hereditary information for the protein
d. modify proteins to go into vesicles

19. Which of the following is NOT true about mitochondria?
a. It is where most of the organism's ATP is used
b. they have their own DNA
c. Muscle cells have many mitochondria
d. The inner membrane has a large surface area

20. Identify the correct flow of energy through a living system.
a. sunlight, volcanic vent, prokaryote
b. sunlight,grass, caribou
c. plankton, sunlight, whale
d. grass, mouse, rabbit


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