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Sandy’s Sweatshirt Shop sells college sweatshirts. White sweatshirts sell for $18.95 each and red ones sell for $19.50 each. If receipts for the sale of 30 sweatshirts total $572.90, how many of each color did the shop sell? Complete by making a table, letting w= the number of white sweatshirts and r= the number of red sweatshirts.

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    In your table, have three columms:
    w = White, r = Red = 30 -w, and C = Cost = 18.95 c + 19.50 r

    One of the row entries will result in C = 572.90. That will be the correct answer.

    For example:

    If w = 20, r = 10 and C = $574. would be one row entry. That is more than 572.90, so there were more of the cheaper shirts sold. Try w = 22.

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