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Posted by Anissa on Friday, January 22, 2010 at 1:29am.

I have written an essay for my class,and I wanted some one to look it over for me and make any corrections. Thank you:)

Mr. Tom Brooks’ narrative tells of a fatal fire in one of New York’s most important shirt manufactures. Yes, fires are very common throughout American history, but Brooks shows us “how interrelated historical components fueled the disaster” (35).
Nearly all evidence shown throughout the narrative shows and emphasizes the girls innocence in the tragic tale to be told for years to come. Imagery is very important and helps strengthen Brooks narrative as well as when he shows us his portrayal of the horrific event with as much detail as he could gather from personal testimonies of survivors and witnesses. The view of others helps the reader see how emotionally challenging the fire was , and how it made them realize their life was important to them causing some to do whatever they needed to; to survive.
146 lives were lost, many of whom were young girls (35). The fire caused panic throughout the minds of a numerous number of people who, in the beginning, believed it to be no worry. Many stayed late that day to fill backorders, the room they were occupying was cluttered with some people smoking by highly flammable materials. Also to add to everything, the gasoline was in a close proximity to all things (including the smokers) which was used for heating irons. When the fire was underway, many things went wrong. The first warning, that could have saved a few more lives, was ignored. When they tried using the hose to put the fire out, they discovered it was inactive because of must and rot. numerous malfunctions in the safety features in the building led to further injury and death as workers could not escape the deadly flames.
I believe Brooks to be wrong at perceiving the girls as martyrs, because they did not listen to the alarm, were not paying attention to the highly flammable items that people should not be near with cigarettes, and were not prepared for an emergency. This fire could have been prevented.
It was a disastrous occurrence that opened many eyes to see that changes needed to be made in order to prevent this incident from happening again. “The fire acted as a catalyst... the unions and urban working people found how much could be gained through legislation and how best to use their votes to secure reform measures…” (39).
Thanks to Tom Brooks, the fatal fire that “struck one of New York’s important shirt manufactures” (35) will not be easily forgotten. From the images of the girls taking their lives into their own hands and doing what they could to survive to the disasters that could have been prevented, and finally, to the last girl with her face upward towards the sky.

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