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4x+12>4 and 3x-25>-13

Solution {xIx> ? }

I get so lost on these.

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    Try to get the x by itself, just like a=bx + c, where you would subtract c from both sides then divide both sides by b. since the coefficient for x on both are positive, you don't have to worry about the greater than/less than signs.

    so for the first, subtract 12 from both sides then divide both sides by 4. it's the same concept for the other side.

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    So I got x>2 for the first one and x>4 for the second one, now how does that fit into {xIx> ? }

    Shouldn't it be just one number?

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    4x+12>4 and 3x-25>-13
    4x > -8 and 3x > 12
    x > -2 and x > 4

    so it looks like x > 4

    write it in the notation asked for

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    Ok, great thanks for the help both of you!

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