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Posted by Sara on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 8:52pm.

What do these words mean: country wife, sagamite, margin, philantropist, mercenary. What roles did native women play in the founding of Canada?

Country Wife: A wife married "after the customs of the country," which were a blend of both European and Native peoples' marriage rites

Sagamite: a staple food made from ground corn

Margin: the difference between the cost and the selling price

Philantropist: a person who uses his or her money to help others

Mercenary: a soldier who works for pay

Roles that native women played in the founding of Canada were that they helped the European traders with the harsh conditions of life in that country. They helped them with all their needs, for clothing, snowshoes, access to firewood, food, make/operate canoes, guides to the area's rich fur resources, and fur preparation.

Please tell me if this is correct and add more info if it is needed. Also, tell me if all my sentences make sense, thanks

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