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The chemical analysis of aspirin indicates that the molecule is 60.00% carbon, 4.44% hydrogen, and 35.56% oxygen. What is the emperical formula for asprin?

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    Easy. Assume you have 100 g of the substance, so you have
    60g C = 60/12 moles C= 5 mol C
    4.44gH = 4.44/1= 4.44 mol H
    35.56g O = 35.55/16 mol= 2.22 mol O

    We want a whole number ratio, so divide all three of those moles by the lowest.

    2.25 mol C
    2Mole H
    1 mol O

    That is still not whole number, so we can get a whole number ratio by multiplying by 4
    9 mol C
    8 mol H
    4 mol O

    Empirical Formula:
    C9 H8 O4

    Could it really be aspirin?

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